Photojournalist who lives and works in Bangalore.

She is concerned about the swift erosion of cultural diversity and practices by the forces of globalization; and this has been an oft-visited theme in her work. The disappearing icons, customs and traditions, the endangering of indigenous communities, their modus vivendi, have certainly provided the persuasive drive for her inquiries and expression through the medium of photography.

Coming from a family of farmers, and having a keen interest in Botany, she is, quite naturally, drawn to the relationships of humans with the environment, and ecosystem at large.

She continues along this inspirational pursuit, while making regular contributions, in a photojournalistic capacity, to national and international publications such as The National Geographic, Geographical, Le Monde, Paris Match, Wall Street Journal, Financial times, Domus, The Hindu, Indian Express, Outlook, OPEN magazine etc.

She can be contacted at / +91 9986551878